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About Global Kids Place

Welcome to Global Kids Place!

Global Kids Place is an English Afterschool where children have the opportunity to experience new and challenging activities!

We believe that children are ‘Natural Learners’ and will excel in their language abilities if they are immersed into an English environment surrounded by native English speakers.

For native English speaking children, we offer special extra curricular activities such as Art & crafts, Kids Capoeira and Dance which are all taught in English taught by teachers of all different nationalities.

Collaboration With The British School In Tokyo.

Global Kids Place has been an official part of the volunteer program for Secondary School students at the British School in Tokyo since June 2016. The students assist the children in class, practice speaking English, and play with the children in English to create a friendly and global environment at our after-school.

From Mariko Bando

Mariko Bando

It is not about 'Learning English.' It is about 'Learning IN English.'
The children of the 21st century need to be healthy, have a good heart and be wise. That can be achieved through learning IN English at Global Kids Place.
•Tokyo University Graduate.
•1969 First woman to join the prime minister`s office as a career bureaucrat for 34 years.
•1995 Vice Governor of Saitama Prefecture.
•1998 Consul General of Brisbane, Australia.
•2001~2003 Director General of the Bureau for Gender Equality in then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's cabinet.
•Currently the Chancellor of Showa Women’s University in Tokyo.

Daily English Lessons

Daily English lessons are primarily for Non-native English speaking students and are theme based covering topics which are useful in every day life, and often taught in Western elementary schools. The classes include phonics, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary suited to the student`s proficiency level. The instructors will use fun interactive teaching methods to create an interest for English and increase their English proficiency level naturally.

Science studies are also incorporated into the program to further enrich children's knowledge.

Speciality classes


IT lessons range from basic computer skills (eg. touchtyping, making presentations etc) right through to more advanced skills such as programming and design.


Capoeira is an Intangible Cultural Heritage sport registered under Unesco. Capoeira is known to be a form of martial arts/self-defense disguised as a dance by the African slaves who were taken to Brazil in the Colonial era. It is a sport which incorporates martial arts, musical instruments and Portuguese songs. Capoeira is an ideal sport for both girls and boys to increase body strength, improve rhythmical skills, and develop self confidence through a strong mind.

Art and Craft

Art and Craft classes are taught by The British School in Tokyo's talented art students. Each week the students learn about famous painters and then create artwork on that painters style. At the end of the year, students will receive a dossier with the collection of their works. Art classes also include 20~30minutes of craft which they can take home each week.


Dance classes are fun and energetic with the main focus to teach kids the base of rhythm. As the children advance, classes will include choreography, latin dance, flamenco, afro, hip hop etc all instructed by a professional dancer. The dance class will also have opportunities to perform in front of an audience.

Teacher Profiles

Dance Instructor

Luis Sasaki

Luis is a professional dancer, choreographer and singer from the Dominican Republic.

He started dancing at 15 years old with his local traditional dance group. Luis then went to the Boadway Dance Center in New York where he learnt latin dance, hip hop and ballet. Luis also spent time in Spain to master flamenco. Luis has appeared in NHK as a mereingue dance teacher and is also the Chairman of the Bachata Association in Japan. He also teaches at sports clubs, culture schools and dance studios as well as producing events and shows.

Capoeira Instructor

Olivier Enoutor-Kouto

Olivier Enoutor-Kouto was born and raised in France and has been living in Japan since 2010. Olivier is currently working as an Art Director and Graphic/Interactive web designer for a creative agency specialising in consultancy and web design support in Japan, and for international markets. Olivier not only has a passion for design, but also for Capoeira which he has been practicing for almost 10 years in France and in Japan. Olivier is multi lingual with his native language as French, and also fluent in English and Japanese. On top of 3 languages, Olivier can also understand and speak Portuguese thanks to years of Capoeira training!

Capoeira Instructor

Luc Boullenger

Luc received his capoeira training in France from 2009. In Japan, Luc is now teaching in Tokyo under Mestre Marcelo Brandao`s group - Grupo Cultura Capoeira. Luc has performed in many events worldwide including 24h le Mans, 2014 Flashmob event at Le Louvre, and the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games opening ceremony. His objective is for children to have fun and develop a keen interest for capoeira. Luc strongly believes that Capoeira is an `art and martial art` that can be enjoyed by children and adults.


Dance Class Performance

Lego Robots

Kids Capoeira

Science and English Lesson

Capoeira Belt Ceremony

Holiday School Zoo Trip

Summer School Pig Cafe Visit

Horse Riding Camp

Summer School Cooking

Art Class

Halloween 2019

Halloween 2018

Halloween 2017

2016 Christmas Party

2016 Halloween Party

Summer School Zoo Visit

2018 Capoeira Batizado (Grading Ceremony)

Samba Dance show by the Wednesday dance class members

Holiday School: Animals at GKP

Holiday School: Animals at GKP

Making art with Students from BST





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Application Procedure

Please download the application form available below, and post or email to the Global Kids Place office:

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School Address

1-4-17 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0004
Global Kids Place K.K

Phone Number

School: 03 6805 2420 (Contact hours: 14~18)
Mobile: 090-3436-3337 (After hours)

Email Address

School Fees

*The prices below do not include consumption tax.

Entrance Fee: 20,000 JPY (discount of 10,000 JPY off usual rate).
Sports/Health Insurance: 2,000 JPY annual fee (renewed in April).
Monthly Tuition Fee: Please see below. The fee varies according to the month (public holidays are not charged), and the course selected.

Afterschool Care Member (Native English speaking student fees)

Afterschool Hours: 14~19
Services Included: Afterschool care (snacks provided) + 1 hour extra curricular activity (Option of capoeira, art or dance).
School Fee (Inclusive of Facility Fee): 3,500 JPY/day

Extra Curricular Activity Member (Native English speaking student fees)

Afterschool Hours: 16~18:30
Services Included: 1 extra curricular activity (Option of capoeira, art or dance) and 1.5 hours afterschool care.
Tuition Fee (Inclusive of Facility Fee): 2,000 JPY

Application Procedure


Global Kids Place K.K
School Address : 1-4-17 Taishido, Setagaya-ky, Tokyo 154-0004
Tel: 03 6805 2420 (Mon - Fri 14~18)
Mob: 090 3436 3337 (After hours)